Mission Statement

At Dashletics our goal is to condition the mind, body and heart for those individuals and athletes determine to succeed regardless if it is on the court, in the gym or in life. Join us and make a transformation. Dashletics unique training methods incorporating physical training, discipline and mental toughness. We train men and women athletes from 12 through adult. We train individuals, schools, teams, and corporations. Each of our programs is uniquely designed to instill in the individual the desire to be the best they can be, both physically and mentally.

Many of our trainees play High School, Division 1 college, or professional sports. We not only improve their physical fitness and games skills, but teach them how to train their mind to play smarter. All these skills can be used throughout their lives, when their athletic careers are over.


Dashletics began with Jamal (Dash) Lovell, a successful basketball player who discovered that by teaching his training and skills methods he could significantly improve an athletes physical skills and mental awareness. One of his first students was his brother who is now a successful Division 1 college basketball player. By word of mouth more and more players sought to to train with him and the numbers continue to grow.  To make sure that everyone received the individual attention and training they needed, Dash added Travis Nichols as a partner.

What is Dashletics Elite Training?

Dashletics Elite Training teachs that dedication, focus and passion are the prerequisites of a successful athletics’ state of mind. Intense training in speed, strength and conditioning are the actions of determine athletics. A combination of both will result in exceptional performance. At Dashletics we only provide elite training.

Can Anyone Be Trained at Dashletics?

Dashletics is Elite Training. Atlhletes training at Dashletics already have fundamental skills in the sports they are participating in. All of our athletes have an inner drive to get better, and are willing to dedicate themselves both mentally and physically to improve. We tailor our training based on the individual, and their sport. We improve our athletes by appraising both their strengths and weaknesses. We work together with them on improving both. The goal of our elite training is have our athletes be better than they thought they could be and we acheive that goal on a regular basis. The words "No I can't do that," does not exist for participants in our program. We show them how through dedication, hard work and a positive state of mind will result in significant performance results in their dedicated sport.

How can I Join Dashletics?

If you think you, or your organization can benefit and would like to participate in Dashletics please call us at 862-703-1324 or email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Contacting us is the first step in making you a better athlete.